Date With a Tree Surgeon? Guess What Happened to Me!

A few weeks ago I wrote about how a tree service had to come out to my family’s home after a giant tree fell through the roof. I even wrote about how they guys that came were very helpful and had a great attitude, which in turn calmed my parents down again.

Hey, I thought it was pretty cool. You haven’t had to deal with how annoying my parents can be.

Anyways, it turns out that one of the guys that visited that day had hit on me, and of course I never said anything. I mean, I look like I’m 14 for God’s sake! So yeah, he didn’t get touchy feely or anything, but to be honest it was more cute and flirty instead. And of course he wasn’t going to ask me on a date with my parents lurking around so closely. 

Turns out, he was so fond of me that he went on Facebook to find my contact information, which seems weird but to be fair, he didn’t get much of an opportunity while at the house. Which brings me to the most confusing part of all, which eventually telling my parents who I am dating. But who cares, right!? I may still live with them but I am not under 18, so they technically can’t tell me what to do. I’m planning on moving out really soon anyways. It’s definitely hard to maintain sanity when you have to figure out a way to date the guys you want when your parents are around, he.

Well, guess I am going to have to face the music someday.

As for the date which is the actual topic of this post, I think I am going to do it. I have already taken a week to respond back to him which I know looks bad but hey, not every freak has the time to get on Facebook all day.

Dating a tree surgeon, wow. Even more interesting, dating someone that trims down trees and removes them. Sounds like a scary gig. Don’t think you will ever catch me out there grinding a stump or removing a branch from a tree.

But think about all of those muscles! Sorry guys that are reading this blog.

On that note, I think it’s time to message Peter back and pick out something to wear for our date. Wish me luck with my sexy new tree surgeon!



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Why Conform to Society’s Opinion of Sanity

I was doing some heavy thinking the other day when it made me start to think about why some people seem to have more sanity than others.

I’m not sitting here saying that people are insane or crazy just because they lack sanity, but in this world I’m starting to think it may be a good thing to be this way. Why though? Well, if you are totally sane then that would pretty much make you normal, average. And who the hell wants to be like that? It’s starting to look like it’s a good thing to be a little crazy. In studying many successful people I have found that they all have been called crazy but never cared and you know why? Because they admitted to being crazy. Just look at Steve Jobs.

You heard it straight from the horses mouth. Therefore, being crazy may not be all that bad. It looks like being crazy may just get your further in life. That is, if you were even planning to go anywhere far.

In our society, being crazy is grouped with mental health and everything that comes with that like medications, therapy, and basically having people think that it’s an illness. Yes, there are cases in which this is actually so, but I’m talking about people being labeled as crazy when they do something to think or act outside of the box. This is truly a detriment and a shame.

What’s I’m really trying to relay in this post is that we don’t always have to keep our sanity just because of what society thinks. I’m sick of seeing people labeled as “insane” or “crazy” when doing something outside of the box or something that doesn’t conform to the norms of the U.S society. Me not wanting to attend college is a perfect example of this. My parents and some friends have called me crazy for not wanting to go and “turn my life into something” and basically think I am insane. And you know what? I really don’t care, which is very refreshing. In my eyes, they are all the ones that are lacking sanity. Not me. :)

Tree Service Nashville to the Rescue | A Tree Just Scared Me Out of My Home

It’s hard to maintain sanity when you’re sleeping and a tree all of a sudden falls through the roof and lands in your families living room, which just so happens so be a few feet next to my room. When this happened, I literally thought I was having a heart attack when this terrible, horrible sounding noise dominated our home. Unfortunately this was not a dream.

This tree has destroyed a part of our home and left it open to all forms of weather and predators of the night. Because of this nonsense we now have to live in a hotel for a few days and then more than likely stay with my aunt for a few weeks until the home is repaired. We were lucky to get an awesome tree service in Nashville to come to our home even though we are a good ways from that area, so my family is very grateful for that. Those guys came quickly and just in time to get the problem taken care of that night. They even talked to the insurance people for my parents and everything. Needless to say they were please which pleased me because it took them out of their bad moods. This way we can get the problem fixed faster and get settled back into our home again.

I just wanted to put this out there since it’s humorous in a way because it relates to maintaining sanity, which is clearly the same of the blog, ha. Just thought it would be cool to share. And strangely enough, I’m not experiencing total dread over this situation like I typically would. Hey, maybe I am starting to come around after all. Maybe I am growing from reading and writing more often. Either way, life is better with a positive perspective instead of a negative one. It’s a refreshing way to look at things. I mean, ordinarily I would be freaking out right now because I’m not going to have much privacy over the next few weeks but I now view it as a rare opportunity to spend close time with my family and focus on others instead of myself for a change. You know it’s funny, the tree guys had a very positive attitude while dealing with our situation which seemed to make my parents break free from their stress, so I though that was really cool and something to learn from.

Oh yeah, my new perspective comes from a movie I recently watched called “Mini’s First Time” and I won’t ruin it for you, but in the movie the character is positive, optimistic, and ready to take on anything that life throws at her. I found great admiration in this and have now adopted it into my own lifestyle and way of thinking. So far it has served me well and I’m going to continue to immerse myself in it. I highly suggest that anyone interested in a happy, stress and care free life should also try it as it truly works wonders.

What’s the World Coming To?

What is the world coming to? Everyone walks around like zombies with their eyes stuck to their cell phones all-day-long, which is crazy. It’s like people don’t know how to communicate in person anymore, killing opportunity to carry on conversations with new people. How are we supposed to all get along and maintain sanity when it seems like everyone is so caught up in their own interests?

People seem crazier than they used to. Not that my opinion matters much since I’m only a 17 year old girl, but it just seems like things are so programmed and different. People can’t seem to think for themselves and aren’t really in control of their lives which brings me to the ongoing question of how we are supposed to maintain sanity in such a crazy and fucked up world. I think it comes down to taking responsibility for your own life and going out and making things happen for yourself. This way you can live life on your own terms and make every decision about how you get to spend your time. That my friends, appears to be the ultimate way to maintain sanity. You know, when you have peace of mind. And that comes with knowing and loving yourself. Like the famous Bruce Lee said “To know yourself is to know others.”- or something to that effect. Either way, it’s a great mantra to live by.

For now on I’m only going to be focused on maintaining my own sanity by getting into touch with my inner self and being the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Being in control of my own life and gaining full independence (which includes being independent from a job) will be a greatly empowering feeling and one that I have made my burning desire. With enough focus and hard work, I’m going to achieve this state of mind. So proud of myself for realizing all of this early on.

Welcome to Maintaining Sanity

My name is Megan and I’m trying to maintain my sanity. It’s tough being a teen and something that I can’t wait to move away from.

I’m a 17 year old that just graduated high school but aren’t sure about going off to college, which is only a few weeks away. My parents of course along with the rest of society, say that I need to go to college to make something of myself but I disagree. I do not feel that going to college is the only answer to making something of yourself. I mean, just take a look at tons of successful people that became famous and dropped out of college or never even went at all.

Steve Jobs was a college dropout and many other brainiac entrepreneurs like him. The point is that you can get places without a higher education.

My parents and I are petty close knit and they expect a lot from me, which includes going off to a university to experience the “traditional” college life and earn a bachelors degree- this actually sounds like most people’s parents. And why? … Because society has trained our brains to think that way.

I am different and want to express myself the way I am. My biggest fear is conformity and being average. Who wants to go to college for 4-6 years with the only guarantee being accumulative debt, then move on to find a career in which you are at 8-12 hours a day for at least 5 days a week? Ahem, can we say slavery? ”

Life is short, sweet, and worth savoring every little moment of, and how in the hell are we supposed to do that when we are slaves to our jobs?

And what for? So we spend our money as materialistic consumers that drive the economy and empower corporations even further? No thanks, that’s nowhere near what’s in my future. If other people want to be slaves that’s fine, but I refuse. They think slavery has been for decades but fail to see that they themselves are slaves, just happy ones. I’m so glad to have woken up to this early. And because I have I can keep maintaining my sanity. Real, home-grown sanity.

Welcome to the blog.